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Brick Paver Patio Photos

Thanks for your interest in seeing some of our Brick Paver Patio projects around Southeast Michigan. They visually showcase the amazing craftsmanship that has been the bedrock of what Custom Landscape Services has done for more than 22 years! If you’re interested in having us craft your dream brick paver patio, whether it’s in your backyard, front yard, driveway or otherwise, fill out the quick form on this page or call us today at (248) 885-4959 or (586) 749-6234.

Custom Brick Paver Walkway
Multi Tier Landscaped Brickpaver Patio
Brick Paver Circle Shaped Patio With Firepit
Large Brick Paver Patio
Unilock Patio
Outdoor Structure
Granite Top Brick Paver Patio
Unilock Porch 1
Elegant Brick Paver Patio
Brick Paver Patio Pillar
Brick Paver Entertaining Area
Brick Paver Otdoor Kitchen With Granite Counter Top
Brick Paver Patio Corner
Brick Paver Entertaining Patio
Curved Brick Paver Patio Wall
Exposed Aggregate And Brick Paver Fireplace Patio
Custom Brickpaver Patio
Landscaped Brick Paver Patio With Door Wall Steps
Brick Patio In Bloomfield Hills Michigan
Brick Paver Patio Decrative Wall
Brick Paver Grill Patio
Brick Paver Patio With Door Wall Steps
Curved Brick Paver Patio Wall 2
Decrative Brick Paver Walkway
Two Color Brick Paver Patio
Brick Paver Front Porch With Softscape
Brickpaver Compass
Front Porch Brick Paver Steps
Patio In Bloomfield Hills Mi
Brick Porch
Cedar Structure
Brick Paver Multi Level Family Entertaining Area
Steps And Patio
Fireplace Entertaining Area With Arbor
Brick Paver Arbor Backyard Entertaining Area
Unilock Porch
Patio In Bloomfield Hills Michigan
Brick Paver Porch
Large Brick Paver Backyard Patio
Formal Brick Paver Walkway And Driveway
Fireplace With Steps Waterfall
Brick Paver Patio
Larado Steps With Patio
Laredo Wall And Fireplace
Brickpaver Patio2
Curved Brick Paver Patio Fireplace
Paver Patio With Ortanda
Brickpaver Arbor Backyard Entertaining Area
Screenshot 20170904 060522
Brick Paver Granite Outdoor Kitchen
Paver Patio Overlooking Pool
Rivercrest Outdoor Bar
Brick Paver Patio Pillar Cap
Freestanding Grill Area
Outcropping Wall 1
Circular Brick Paver Patterns
Brickpaver Patio
Outdoor Entertaining Area
Outcropping Wall
Brick Paver Front Porch
Backyard Brick Pavers
Backyard Outdoor Brick Paver Kitchen
Brick Paver Patios
Brick Paver Patio With Flower Bed
Elevated Patio
Residential Front Door Brickpaver Steps
Brick Paver Patio Pillar Caps
Memorial Brick Paver Walkway

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